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The Poker Mindset

The Poker MindsetMind games are extremely important in the world of poker whether it is a game in person or online poker live. Not only do you have to be aware of how your opponents are thinking but you also need to keep a check on your own thought processes. Indeed, going on tilt is by far the most significant mental game issue that affects poker players.

Going on tilt is essentially an anger issue and is characterised by a player breaking down in a strategic sense. The most common symptoms of tilt are a player being much more aggressive, betting large sums, not folding and generally doing everything in a much more reckless way.

Tilt is the reason many usually sane poker players lose a large chunk of their bankroll. Usually occurring after a stroke of bad luck, a player on tilt will often forgo all the skills they’ve learnt in favour of gambling.

There are many ways to help prevent tilt, from taking a break, counting to ten and thinking happy thoughts, but to completely treat the issue you need to tackle the root cause. Jared Tendler, the poker industry’s foremost expert on tilt, advises that you understand the nature of title before you begin to tackle it.

Once you understand the mechanics of how anger shuts down your logical brain you can begin to see which parts of your game need improvement. When you’re on tilt it exposes the weakest parts of your game as they are the things you revert to when you get angry. Once you’ve uncovered these base instincts you can work on improving them.

Once you do this you’ll find that the amount you go on tilt decreases, moreover, your inability to play at a high level when on tilt decreases much less. Going on tilt is bound to happen due to the volatile nature of the game. It’s how you deal with the issue that defines you as a poker player. Once you can learn to play at a high level when on tilt you’ll see your bankroll stay looking healthy.


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The Poker Mindset