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The Father of the Slot Machine : Charles Fey

Charles Fey (1862-1944) is the father of the slot machine and the man personally responsible for bringing so much joy and fun to millions of people worldwide. Fey was born in Bavaria, Germany, and was the youngest child of 15 other siblings!

Worried about being drafted into the German army, a young 15-year old Fey travelled to the USA, via a brief stint in France, where he settled down in San Francisco. In 1885 Fey was diagnosed with tuberculosis and doctors gave him less than one-year to live! Fey was certainly no runt of the litter and he recovered from his tuberculosis to marry Marie Volkmar whom he had three daughters and a son with.

In 1894, Fey built his first slot machine and then followed up that prototype with a second style of slot machine in 1895. Fey christened this machine the 4-11-44 and it was based on a popular lottery game known as Policy. The first 4-11-44 was placed into a saloon and it became such a big it that Fey decided to created a few more.

After the success of that 1895 machine, Fey was hooked. In 1986 Fey created a factory in San Francisco and began his work in earnest. In 1898 Fey built a three-wheel, staggered stop, automatic payout machine called the Card Bell. It was named the Card Bell because the symbols on the reels were cards. Later that year, when Fey changed the symbols to stars and bells, he changed the name of the machine to the now famous Liberty Bell.

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Father of the Slot Machine - Charles Fey